Is it just me or do modern spergs contruct societies based on thought forms and reason, while people in the past do it by observation of what works?

People on a forum I’m on are sperging about some “sovereign individual” concept and basically speculating that it should be incorporated into foundational beliefs for society.

It takes the same form of what faggot libertarians and marxists already do: extrapolate from philosophic axiom, derive principle from axiom, derive laws from principles.

Good societies in history didn’t seem to do that, they looked at how stuff seems to reliably play out and went from there.

“maybe good people and bad people shouldn’t have the same rights”
“maybe fags are bad”
“I noticed brown people are bad”

These modern retards can’t do that, they won’t let themselves learn from observation, they think it’s far better make up some holy religious axiom and derive all principle from it even if the principles don’t work.

SJW derive all of their ideas and positions from “the weak must be protected from the strong at all costs, and eventually made equal.”

libertarians: “an individual can choose to do anything he wants with his possessions”

conservatards: “anyone who accepts Are Way Of Lyfe is okay, also christianity, freedom and capitalism are good even if their results are awful”

It’s like they’ve been christianized for so long that they are bred to only let themselves think or do anything if it can be justified according to some maxim in some book.

Imagine some catholic prole in some creepy witch hunt village where the priest is basically God, and the guy will be ostracized, mobbed and killed if he does ANYTHING that he can’t justify by pointing to the book.

Can’t you imagine that guy generations later turning into a libertarian, SJW or cuckservative, bred to justify everything according to precept even if nobody is asking for it?

Tell me it doesn’t make sense.


Signs of Life

Sometimes I can’t help but stay up late on the internet being absolutely belligerent

Living a life as repressed as mine, the desire wells up within you to scream in the face of the whole universe, “I was here, I was alive, I mattered”

What am I to do, take a drug to make myself feel better, like Accountt1234 does, while reassuring myself that even though nobody gives a fuck about me except my immediate family, and tell myself this is somehow “okay?”

No, there comes times when the fact that literally everyone except my few friends and loved ones would want to kill me if they knew the truth of my beliefs must be set aside

Just to scream out an SOS signal into the dead void of night, in the desperate hope of finding signs of life hiding among the smart phone zombies


Official Position

I’m notorious for hating the shit out of even dial phones. You think you have peace and free time, then you get an “important call” and have to answer it, or maybe it’s a spammer. You can’t tell, you just get interrupted by robot noises.

What I find especially worrisome is smartphones.

Yes, they can portably provide access to entertainment and information that we did not have. Those can be good, but I’ve noticed that people just get addicted to them and aren’t paying attention to reality around them anymore.

Specifically, I noticed most of my peers now substitute brains for smartphones. We are expected to know medical facts and make diagnoses, and while I simply remember things the old fashioned way, these people look up everything on their phones.

Your doctor might literally be just a middleman between you and a medical app. He might be spending tons of time and getting paid a huge salary just to look at his phone for 12 hours a day and do what it says.

How do you feel about that?

The latest in this horror story is something called “Shut-App,” created by a self righteous liberal Jew who wants to help you win debates against anyone who is not a Marxist by putting words in your mouth:

Have you ever felt yourself lost for words (or too flustered / exhausted to react) in the face of overwhelming hate, stupidity, misogyny, ignorance or bigotry?

Whether it’s the rambling candidate and his supporters making racists slurs, your sexist / homophobic uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, or “friends” on Facebook and Twitter denouncing feminism, science or civil rights – intolerance and idiocy are gaining on us.
It’s dangerous for our future. And for our sanity.

Too often, many of us remain speechless in the face of it, and feel crappy about it. Sometimes we’re flustered by the sheer absurdity of the situation,  others times we don’t know enough about the topic. And often we know what we want to say, but just can’t quite articulate it.

The end result is the same – we’re frustrated, they get the upper hand, sometimes even swaying others.

It’s time to take a stand. Don’t shut-up. Shut-App!

I’m a long time debater, debate coach and educator.

I am not a company or an app developer. This isn’t about money.

I am sick and tired of racist / sexist / xenophobic / homophobic / fact-repellent / logic-resistant people ‘winning’ arguments and gaining traction just by dint of being louder, allegedly-tougher, or simply spewing falsehoods without consequence.

I want to make an app that empowers anyone and everyone to take a compelling stand, regardless of access to reading materials or possession of rhetorical savvy.

To put the best answers, most persuasive arguments and most rhetorically powerful comebacks to all common asinine arguments on all the hot topics – at the tips of your fingers.

Shut-App! covers everything – All hot topics, all answers to all asinine arguments, with your submissions and suggestions helping us keep up-to-date.

Shut-App! makes everything accessible on spot – Arguments, facts, answers and comebacks ready to roll, no tedious searches.

Shut-App! ranges from persuasive and informative arguments to drop-the-mic comebacks – logic, facts, wit or complete domination and awesomeness? whatever the situation calls for, you got it.

All answers researched, devised and approved by US and world debating champions of different backgrounds, genders and ethnicities – to ensure you get the best from the best.
So with Shut-App you can:

Clearly articulate your position

Elegantly persuade those you wish to persuade

Decisively win the arguments you want to win  

Own the, um, rear-end of those whose rear-end you want to own

And take a stand against ignorance and bigotry.

When forced to consider ideas that are not Marxist, these kids look to their PHONES to tell them WHAT TO THINK. This insanity has reached a breaking point.  Just now things that used to be a Saturday night live parody are now dead serious and nobody finds them funny. People do things that would be blood curdlingly creepy or downright stupid-looking 20 years ago. They go on the internet and search for only things they agree with to win arguments without any critical thinking skills, so they make an app to do all the work for them.

That used to be comedy material, now it’s the horror of mass idiocy. The thought that a whole generation could be taking their ideological cues from a phone app… imagine that there is yet another terrorist attack or black riot, and you show up at work or wherever saying “HOLY SHIT, EVERYONE GOT FUCKIN’ SHOT! DO YOU BELIEVE ME YET???” and you see all the zombies check their phones and look at this morning’s special update on how to rebut the “I told you so” argument and then all look at you and repeat the Official Position at you in a dry monotone with their dead faces.

This is some genuine Mark of the Beast shit.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


All Men Are Not Created Equal

The concept of equality is a mental disease that destroys everything it touches.

Any person or group who accepts ANY part of the cancer of egalitarianism sets themselves up for future doom.

If a person has even one cancer cell in their whole body that is allowed to grow unchecked, one cell out of one trillion, then their WHOLE body could die.

The only treatment is to remove the cancer, even if surrounding healthy tissue needs to be destroyed also.

It is such an important thing to destroy ALL of the cancer that collateral damage is seen as acceptable in context of the overall survival of the individual.

50% belief equality is failure.

10% belief in equality is failure.

1% belief in equality is failure.

0.000001% belief in equality is failure.

That’s why I am an old fashioned racial supremacist eugenecist, and I reject “pan nationalism” with its notion that “all people are good, as long as they’re in their own country.”

Believing any statement that “All people are good so long as…” means that we’re already well above 10% ideological cancer.

Initiate vital life saving measures!

Abraham 3:19

And the Lord said unto me: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all.


You’re Fired!

Imagine you had a child.

Imagine there was some concept the child unfortunately did not understand. Let’s say it was cleaning up his messes.

Now let’s say that instead of teaching the kid the value of cleaning up his messes and teaching him effective ways to be tidier, you said “FUCK YOU Billy, you’re FIRED!”

Then imagine you went down the street and adopted Naseem from some other family, who was totally different from you and your wife and your son Billy, but at least he cleans up his messes.

Do you see the problem here?

It’s twofold – one, you betray your own flesh and blood; two, you fail to help the next generation live up to its potential.

In order to chase the short term result (clean house), you throw out the long term result (next generation worth a shit).

This is precisely what the Baby Boomer generation did to us Millennials. They screeched on TV about how things like cleaning, picking potatoes and mowing lawns are “JOBS THEY DON’T WANT TO DO!!!” and, rather than teach us about the value of those jobs to society or the amount of money we can make if we become effective in those industries, they imported Javier the Beaner to come do those jobs instead, while not only leaving our generation impoverished but never helping us learn our lesson.

If things had been different and they’d:

  • Taught us why those jobs need doing
  • Taught us that money was to be made there
  • Put the job listings somewhere we might actually see them,

…Then we’d all have had our first jobs shoveling ditches, picking pears and trimming trees.

Those jobs were never “Jobs they don’t want to do!!!!,” rather, that is what they tell themselves to feel better about abandoning us. They threw us away and replaced us with foreigners.

I unfortunately learn that my wife’s friend is having some significant marital problems. To make a long story real short, the husband values his money more than he values his wife. In other words, he thinks just like his boomer parents, who skipped out on having enough kids, investing enough time in their families etcetera in favor of shallow pursuit of money.

People screech about how the demographic crisis is precisely why we should import foreigners, who would have more kids because they are plague rats who shit out 20 spawn per litter, but NO, that’s PRECISELY WHY WE SHOULD NOT IMPORT THEM.

If we kept browns out, eventually these boomers would get old and both they and the younger generation observing them would realize that maybe valuing their pensions over their families was fucking stupid.

The young generation would find that since labor was in such supply, they got paid an assload and could have a second (white) baby boom, and could tell their children what they learned about the importance of family.

By instead valuing their pensions right up to the end and importing Dapjeet and Jafar and Xuang Lo to reproduce on their behalf, boomers continue to rob us all of that great priorities lesson right up until the end, directly causing my wife’s friend to endure misery as her husband acts on the sickening values and priorities he absorbed by osmosis from his boomer parents.

The “greatest generation” killed Hitler, and the generation that followed killed everything good about America from the top of the corporate ladder all the way down to the street you live on.

We should dig up all of our Allied WWII vets and put them in the trash.



I’ve studied art a lot, is it just me or were Europeans the only people to achieve near perfect accuracy in art, ever? When Egyptians were making stick figures Greeks were making lifelike statues.

Later with renaissance art you saw the same level achieved again in both sculpture and painting. Why could nobody else figure out how to make something look like a human instead of just make shitty blobs or scratches intended to symbolize a human?

I am congenitally good at drawing and so is my whole family, I was never taught, I was just born knowing how. I often find smart people are good at drawing even without practice, as if they just have a clearer visual spatial awareness than others and can more easily conceptualize what they want to draw.

If true, that has some profound evolutionary neuropsychiatric implications.

That’d mean everyone else was literally congenitally, neurologically unable to imagine.

It seems plausible, it would explain a lot.


Racial Syndrome

People are fully okay with the concept of a “syndrome.”

All a syndrome means is that a bunch of symptoms or problems all cluster together. For example, there’s Down Syndrome.

All of the features associated with it are statistical: not every person as every feature at all or to the same degree.

Yet, spergs are totally fine with the concept of the syndrome existing and having a genetic cause.

Yet when you try to tell a sperg that race exists, they shriek about how not every black has a wide nigger nose or a low IQ, so how can it POSSIBLY exist you BIGOT? wow just wow, it’s 2016!


99% of Martial Artists Are Neurotic

There’s a video going around on the martial arts forums/groups online.


  • The muay thai champion is a big, aggressive jock with full body tattoos including facial tattoos. Even his nose is covered.
  • The contender is some clean cut little asian guy.
  • The two face off before the match and the champion is being really mean and pushing him or whatever. The asian guy is just calmly standing there with no expression on his face.
  • They fight and within like a minute, the asian guy lands a finisher on the champ.

They posted this video to demonstrate how keeping a calm composure and not being an arrogant bully is superior and caused him to win.

The problem is, that’s bullshit.

His calm nice guy behavior didn’t win him the fight, his athleticism, skill and luck won the fight. If he were a cunt too and had fought the same way, the outcome would’ve been the same.

You could go so far as to say that your street demeanour does not have any relation to your martial arts, and there is some merit to that statement.

There is also a lot of merit in pointing out that the cocky asshole with tons of tattoos was the reigning champion, and that’s probably not an accident. It makes perfect sense: he is raging with testosterone and hate, and he expresses that through physical dominance. That sounds like a guy who would win a brawl or two. I’d be willing to bet that if you somehow found a way to objectively quantify how much of a “macho asshole” a fighter is, then looked at the entire sport fighting world and plotted everyone’s win/loss ratio as a function of how big of an asshole they were, you’d find a powerful positive correlation.

Without getting that technical, just look at Mike Tyson. He’s a huge jacked guy with facial tattoos who gives fire breathing rants about how he’s going to murder his opponent and eat their babies, and he had an 86% win rate. The ultimate asshole was also the ultimate badass.

Martial artists reveal their true colors through this incident.

Clearly they place huge moral worth on not being what they perceive as a bully, to the point that they want to incorporate it into their fighting art as a fundamental principle. Yet, we plainly see that this does not correlate with actual success at fist fighting.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to suggest that these are nerds who grew up to be completely obsessed with defeating their childhood bullies, causing them to both focus inordinately on martial arts AND on the moral superiority of not being a bully?

That sounds about right, and pretty much explains everything else that’s wrong with the martial arts world.

Every class in every gay little dojo is just a wish fulfilment fantasy where an evil, incompetent, dumb bully attacks you FOR NO REASON and you defeat them with Secret Ancient Technique #921 and stand there, smug and morally superior, as police come to arrest the bully and the crowd cheers.

What garbage. That’s neurotic fixation if I’ve ever seen it.


Real Estate is a Shitty Investment

Everyone who wants to retire early or otherwise get their finances in order looks to buying a house as some kind of holy milestone they MUST reach at all costs.

People seem to see buying and renting out a house as some kind of golden ticket to financial freedom and wealth. I however am increasingly starting to think that buying a house early in life is financial suicide.

 But I know a guy who rents out houses, and he’s rich!

Well yeah, but there are some things you don’t know about that.

He probably owns and rents out a dozen houses. This is an advantage because:

  • You aren’t at as much risk of having space go unrented or getting a bad tenant if you ave 12 units to rent out.
  • When you rent out many units, you get economies of scale. Supplies, repair services, legal fees and other expenses are spread out. Not every property will require repairs at once, but most of their properties will be supplying rent every month. A repairman or lawyer used to help a 12 unit operation is thus much cheaper “per unit” than if you only rented out one house.
  • By renting out multiple units, he can streamline his approach to renters and also hire more professional assistance.

Ultimately, there is a totem pole of real estate prowess. On the bottom is your old granny who rents out a spare room on AirBNB. Above her is the suburban dad renting out his house and wondering why he’s not making any money off of it, and above him is your rich landlord friend. Above him however are larger scale rental companies and real estate investment trusts. There, you start getting into the big money. They do not rent the same way you would, and when it came to property tax and all other expenses, they would pay pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay.

Back to the prospect of you buying a house, let’s consider 3 scenarios:

  • Buy a house for your own occupation
  • Buy a house as a rental
  • Rent and save all your money instead

For each of these scenarios, let’s assume the house costs $100,000 (for ease of calculation) and that you can pay for your own expenses otherwise through employment or whatever.

Buying for your own occupation:

    • 30 year mortgage loan, $100,000 at interest rate ~3%
    • Ultimate cost as per’s calculator: $150,000.

In other words, over 30 years, you lose 150% of your initial investment, starting with +$100,000 and ending with -$50,000 (an optimistic estimate ignoring insurance, repairs and property tax)

    • Outcome: $100,000 to -$50,000

If you invested it and left it alone, over 30 years it would’ve turned into 1.6 million at an annualized return of 10% (which is very realistic for me, at least).

  • Final outcome: Start at +$100,000, end at -$1.6million between what the mortgage cost you and the lost capital gains.

Buying for rental:

  • Numbers from before hold. -3%/yr from interest.
  • You rent the home out for ~6%/year. This is the inverse of the average price-to-rent ratio, and is the actual average for the USA. Per year this now puts you up to +3% per year, before property taxes, insurance and repairs, assuming you have renters.
  • Since inflation in the USA has classically averaged to 3%, you are doing all the work of owning and renting out a home to just barely break even.
  • There is the very real possibility you will not have renters, or even worse, that you will have renters and they will be scumbags who will use your place and generate repairs, yet refuse to leave and exploit tenant-favoring laws in their favor. There is no telling how much this could cost you, especially once you add legal fees to try to remove them.
  • Final percentage return per year: 3% maximum, with an indeterminate possible cost

Not buying and just renting a shitty apartment while saving your $100,000

      • 10% annualized return, at least if you invest like me
      • Assuming you manage to save all of $15,000 a year, and rent again was 6% of your intial $100,000, and assuming a safe withdrawal rate of 3%/year, you’d be able to afford to indefinitely rent the same house using investment income after a mere 5 years.
      • After 30 years continuing like this, to make a fully accurate comparison to mortgage, you’d end up with +$3.8 million.

A very conservative 2% safe withdrawal rate of $3.8M is $114,000. Assuming you spent it all on housing, you could rent anything up to $9,500 a month. Do you really believe you would have worse living quarters this way than if you spent $100,000 to buy a poverty house 30 years ago instead?

There you have it: on one end your fund rents the house indefinitely for you in just 5 years, on the other end your “investment” eats all of your money with interest plus the opportunity cost.

The worst option, buying a home for your own use, ultimately loses you $5.4 million over 30 years relative to the best option.

You could rent a ballin’ as fuck 4,200 square foot penthouse in San Fran that even has a fireman’s pole in it, or you could buy a $100,000 shit shack next to section 8 housing just because you were obsessed with “being a homeowner” and measuring up to strangers’ financial expectations of you.

You could live like mini Donald Trump in a literal mansion with a name that ends in “Tower,” or you can sleep in the tub to shield yourself from drive by shootings while patting yourself on the back for your responsible home ownership decision. It all depends on whether or not you are a retard who doesn’t understand math.

The choice is yours.


Testing for Varna

Via social experiment, you can very easily classify people into their varna.

Start drawing a decently cool picture (prerequisite: talent) or creating any other interesting work of art or craftsmanship and leave it intentionally unfinished, and then casually put it somewhere where the target will find it.

Note how they respond.

If they try to complete it for you, or if they at least diligently try to preserve it and keep it from harm, they are twice born. Due to their innate natural goodness, they cannot help but improve and maintain the world around them.

If they vandalize it, make “ironic” modifications to it (think “moustache on Mona Lisa”), frankly destroy it for the “lulz,” or simply treat it carelessly and use your picture as a coaster for their sugary soda drink, the target is a dalit – pollution in human form.

Due to their inherent filth and evil, they cannot help but pollute the world around them. It is beyond instinct, it is their intrinsic nature.

Cats hunt mice,

Streams run downhill,

Wolves howl at the moon,

Blacks dance to drums,

Dalits pollute everything they touch.


Volume Overload

You know my thing about how drinking 2L of water a day is a meme?

The longer I think about that, the more evidence I see that it’s actually right,  and that my other nutritional ideas are also right.

Soon I have to give a big presentation about management of patient nutrition after surgery.

It’s basically appropriate calories plus extra because surgical stress and illness both mess with your metabolism, plus what for the normal population is very high protein (1.5g/kg body weight/day) for the purpose of healing up faster from surgical wounds and for supporting the immune system.

On top of that, I had to research liquified feeds.

They can be given through tubes going down to the stomach and also directly into the veins. Funny thing: normally they are 1 kcal per mL, so just by giving people 2000 calories of tube feed nutrition you also automatically give them 2L water a day,  but they have special formulations that are closer to 2 kcal per mL.

Why do they use those?

Heart failure.

When a person is in heart failure, they go “HOLY CRAP! Wouldn’t want to put that much water in your system, it would be a strain on your heart! Let’s give you special food with less water in it to increase your chance of survival.”

Heart failure and heart attack are two different things that are only sometimes related. A heart attack is crisco-in-artery syndrome, heart failure is an old person’s heart wearing out, it happens to basically everyone if they live long enough. Everyone who dies from old age mostly dies from heart failure.

Essentially it is our aspiration to die from heart failure and not something else.

The funny thing though is that in the ICU, they take for granted that it’s easier on your heart to have less liquid in you.

All the tards trying to be “heart healthy” while drinking 2L of water on top of their normal diet and doing a lot of jogging ,they’re actually just dilating their heart and wearing it out faster.


How to Win Arguments With White Liberals

Frame your argument thusly: “Either you agree with me or you are Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel.”

That’s literally all you have to do.

As soon as they start disagreeing with you about anything, just accuse them of being a backwards bible-thumping redneck who fucks his sister in the hay fields between a rusted out tractor and a cow pie, then puts on his trucker hat and overalls and drives his beat up old pickup truck off to his job as a diesel mechanic.

The more condescending you are about how little they are educated and how much they desperately cling to quaint hillbilly ways, the more they will shut up and accept defeat.

They will not respond to logic or reason, but they are more terrified of being Cletus than they are of any ideology. They will agree with or at least silently tolerate literally any ideology as long as nobody accuses them of being a kentucky preacher denying Darwin.



God does not want whites breeding with Mexicans

2 Nephi 5, on the origin of the Amerind race

21 And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.

22 And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.

23 And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing. And the Lord spake it, and it was done.


Very Rich Perspective

This was posted on the Financial Independence subreddit:

Is there anyone here that is very rich, say 20 million+? If so, you could have quit long ago, why didnt you? Do you find any more life satisfaction with 20 million than 5 or 10? What about from the intangible benefits that come along with corporate and economic power?

Context: when discussing my FIRE plans with my very wealthy father and telling him I want to retire at 5 million, he said he’s glad he didnt. For a number of reasons that are atypical of the philosophy I usually see in this sub. He says if he had done this, he would have: 1. Missed out on the most enjoyable and fulfilling years of his career when he was an exec. 2. Not have the lake house and beach house that we admittedly all get a lot of material pleasure from 3. Not be on the board of a lot of local non profits and generally be recognized as a member of the elite that as snobbish as that sounds, makes him feel accomplished, respected and ultimately satisfied with his life.

I feel its unlikely anyone here agrees with him, but sometimes I wonder if thats because we want FIRE because we are so impatient being stuck in middle management and at the middle or low of our careers even if they are relatively well paying. I also think there’s some element of sour grapes involved and a desire to get out of the rat race for being scared that we cant achieve the top level in the economic hierarchy, so may as well pretend not to try/care.

I dont like working, but Ill be the first to admit its largely because Im lazy and would rather be playing video games or sipping pina coladas on the beach instead. Does that mean FIRE is the best long term choice for my fulfillment and life satisfaction though?

This is a valuable piece of evidence that I was 100% right when I deduced that actual rich elites are fixated on social climbing to the exclusion of everything else. From birth to death, they are steeped in that ideology that there is nothing better than being economically and legally superior to your fellow man.

I am proud of myself for being perceptive enough to draw this conclusion years before ever meeting a person like this, online or off.

This also goes to show that the people who run this world are not deep, insightful minds whose brilliance we could never hope to equal – rather, they are shallow and “clever” people who are geared towards mere social competition.
The next time some nerd comforts himself by telling you that nerds will end up being the boss of the cool kids’ clique at their school, tell him that’s retarded and unrealistic: the cool kids will hire them and work them to the bone for a shit wage while they drive around in their Benz all day.
This also answers the age old question of poors, “Why would somebody that rich still want more money? lol!”

The guy who already has $20 million will happily work himself to the bone to get $100 million because if he succeeds, he believes it will make him metaphysically “better” than all of the people who still have only $20 million, and becoming more socially elite is his highest guiding value.


Aggressive Language

HateBot pointed out to me recently that almost all human communication is aggression or a sales pitch.

The more I think about it, the more true that seems.

Stop and think about the real meaning behind the various bumper stickers/facebook images/memes/t-shirt slogans you’ve seen.

“My body, my choice” = “fuck you, Republicans”
“don’t tread on me/out of my cold dead hands” = “fuck you, liberals/government”

…So on and so forth.

Just for kicks, I looked up a bunch of meme pictures and t-shirts.

“Fuck you, college students”

“Fuck you, liberals”

“Fuck you, non-moonbats”

“Fuck everyone I meet today”

“Fuck all nerds and people with pattern recognition abilities”

“Fuck everyone I meet today”

“Fuck the whole male gender”

“Fuck society/all internet users”

When did it become acceptable to hold this much contempt for this much of society?

Why did it become emotionally necessary for so many people?

How can a society that wears its contempt for itself on its sleeve so openly ever hope to survive? Is this not a clear sign of fatal societal fragmentation?

I think this is part of the same phenomenon of crowds that fascinates me so much. When people become part of a crowd, they lose their humanity. This is best exemplified concretely in the recent crowd crucifixions of the Mozilla CEO and now this Cliven Bundy guy. They did fairly minor or at least understandable actions that happened to piss off the crowd, and now they are both drowning under assault from random people calling for them to lose their jobs, harassing their families, ringing their home phones off the hook to jump at the chance to tell them how shitty they are (at least according to the crowd).

It amazes me how these things take place because it’s obvious that people either never considered or don’t care about several things.

The first is that if a hundred people mob up and throw one halfhearted blow at a man, he’s dead meat. It’s not that their individual effort was that severe, but that the combined bitchslaps of dozens and dozens of people in a row add up to severe trauma in a hurry.

They maybe don’t MEAN to be that much of a cunt when they get the person’s personal email from some doxing asshole on a forum somewhere and then send an email or two calling the guy a ten assed shit stomping dick shelf, but when hundreds of people do it that constitutes a serious problem. It’s even more serious when 50 decide to go after email, 50 more decide to go after the guy’s employability, 50 more decide to go after the guy’s relationship with his spouse… it turns into a cannibalistic lynch mob. No individual intended it to be that way just as no individual snowflake meant for there to be an avalanche.

There are however individuals that DO mean for it to be that way. There are people among these little crowdist lynch mobs who go above and beyond to try to harm the lives of their targets. The most obvious are the people who start the process off by digging up personal information on the target and then providing it to the angry mob.

These people I can understand – my understanding of bell curves makes it unsurprising that among thousands of people following the news, there might be a dozen truly angry neckbeards out there who want to watch thousands of goons rip somebody’s life apart piecewise from the safety of their basement.

What gets me is that after the no-life malcontents take the time to tie up their victim, set them in a pit, gather a whole river bed worth of stones, set up a booth to sell the stones for $5 per and call the crowd to attention, the average dickhead is actually willing to pay their token fee and cast their stone.

It’s as if they truly never considered that possibly the person might not deserve being stoned to death by an angry mob, or that they might be a perfectly decent friend, family member and overall member of society. They don’t stop to think that perhaps if they met this person under different circumstances they might have gotten along and become close.

If they do stop to think, they obviously don’t care and really do value the thrill of seeing some blood over the life of an innocent person.

This is the mentality I see in crowds, and it’s something I can’t ever understand.


How to gain IQ points

Most people do not make the most of the IQ points they have available.

They have great “hardware” in the form of a 160 IQ brain, but then run awful “software” in the form of erroneous thought processes.

Logic, psychology and philosophy go hand in hand, the more you learn about those the more streamlined your own thinking will be. Normal idiots learn those subjects and use them to run around pointing out fallacies and disorders in others, but if you delve deeply into those subjects as a form of private personal refinement they will reward you immeasurably. Use them to improve yourself, don’t bother trying to improve others unless they have the capacity for it.

Secondly, there’s something critical about IQ that I’ve got to tell you.

What your IQ score really indicates is how much processing power you’ve got available. A higher IQ is like a better CPU, just like a better memory is like a better hard drive.

What’s also important to note is that most white people live in a constant state of moral outrage.

Not only are they wasting mental energy on actual open outrage, like an angry liberal at a protest, but they are constantly broiling with a more subtle kind of moral outrage that displays itself through self censorship.

Let me give you an example: One time at church I was talking to a white man, and in our conversation I referred to a negro across the room. I pointed in his general direction. The white man said, “Oh, do you mean that bl… the … the man with the red tie?”
His thoughts reveal themselves through his words.What happened there is he internalized the notion that it is “bad” to notice race, so he first expended the mental energy to notice the black across the room, and THAT he was a black, and then expended a SECOND amount of mental energy to censor himself from noticing that he was black.In other words, moral outrage is a resource bleed.The best way I’ve found to combat this is to gradually expose yourself to things that offend you. Desensitize yourself to shocking material, entertain forbidden thoughts. Do this until you’re basking in heresy, and you will come out the other side as a genius.What I’m trying to tell you is that by both reading a lot of thick books on how to think more accurately AND by intentionally extinguishing your sense of moral outrage until you can dispassionately analyze the most horrifying concepts, you will think more clearly AND gain more mental energy, or rather you will free up mental energy you already had that was going to waste.Going through this process is probably a big part of why I have so much restless mental energy to spare despite my demanding profession.


“Politeness” breeds mental illness.

I’ve noticed something over the years.

Most people are very kind and sociable, in other words the type to put up with others’ bullshit, yet they wind up feeling deep depression and having other mood problems related to just generally feeling shitty feelings coming from no obvious source. They go to all kinds of little energy healers and yoga garbage and retreats and vacations and do all kinds of silly things to try to make it go away, but it never does.

Meanwhile, I as an individual am blunt, abrasive and confrontational. Though I have many and close friends, I am definitely not well liked. Yet, I suffer no such problems of mood.


Because – when you put up with bullshit from another person, regardless of what it is, it leaves you with a lingering desire to retaliate, or in other words to externalize the unpleasant feelings they’ve given you to deal with.

When normal people make the “sociable” choice to not retaliate against people who piss them off, it creates short term social stability but guarantees them long term personal instability as negative feelings whose origins have been long forgotten continue to accumulate over the years.

When I make the “unsociable” decision to be an overt cunt, I can rest easy every night of my life because every single person who gave me any shit got the response from me that most people only fantasize about giving hours after the fact, usually while playing first person shooters or masturbating bitterly to pornography of people more attractive than them getting laid.

The anxiety from taking the risk to actually be confrontational will be less painful to you in the long run than the guaranteed suffering if you sit by and do nothing. The next time some guy at your job gives you shit, say to his face that he’s a retarded manbaby with bitchtits and his sons are pussies. You’ll feel a lot better for it.



I am a minimalist.

When I tell people that, they say “What, so you don’t have a desire for luxury?”

It’s not that I don’t have a “desire,” for luxury, it’s that I know for a fact that luxury is a lie.

Material things do not make your life more enjoyable. The only things that really make people enjoy life are creativity, adventure, self improvement and good company, none of which are sold in a store.

People don’t know that, so they work long hours to afford burgers, toys and big houses.

Because they work so much to afford it, they don’t own their things, their things own THEM!

Then a little time goes by, they crap out the burgers, the toys break and the bank forecloses on their big houses.

Pretty soon they’re OLD and they’ve worked their whole life, but what was the point of any of it?

Speaking as someone in a top income profession, I see possessions as slavery and bare walls as freedom.

It’s not because I do not “desire,” it’s because I understand.



Victory has defeated us.

As I’ve brought up before, Argentina’s economy collapsed spectacularly a few decades ago now and resulted in a full “SHTF” scenario, which was well documented by author Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre.

Apparently there is a guy who pretty much didn’t even know there WAS an economic collapse, because he had been living in a cave for the last 40 years.

Here is what he looks like at age 79:


As you can plainly see, he looks healthier and more radiant at age 79 than most of our American stock looks at age 49.

Here are his quarters:


I have finally been able to words to the theory I have been slowly developing since age 21: a physically hard life leads to superior health, vitality and longevity.

If you look at people from prior generations, they are now beginning to outlive their own children as they die from obesity related complications, but I am not talking about obesity, good diet or exercise.

No, I’m talking about “building character.”

At this point in my life, I firmly believe that people who live hard, who get sore and tired, who get sun baked, frostbitten, callused, beat and bruised and cut, people who have no choice but to endure, these are the people who live the longest and the best.

People who have no choice but to tough their way through physical challenges that would horrify a cubicle dweller every single day of their lives often seem to be the ones living to surprising ages in astonishing health despite living on nothing but hard liquor, cigarettes and gas station sandwiches.

These are your spry and capable 90 year olds, your Jack LaLannes: sure diet and exercise are important, but I believe there is more to it than that. Some people eat like shit, smoke and drink hard and still live to be a thousand, and I think it’s because they live like they’ve got no choice. They’re the kind of people who get up to chop wood and milk the cows in 10 degree weather no matter what their age or ailments. That is their character. Their lifestyle has fundamentally altered their constitution.

Without being able to name it, I’ve slowly been realizing this for the last 8 years of my life.

It’s been a strong motivator for my ascetic lifestyle of intentional, self inflicted physical hardship. On top of my exercise I sleep on the floor, cook all of my own stuff, build things with my hands and walk everywhere, sometimes while carrying heavy loads farmer style.

Without being able to name it, I’ve worshipped and sought after hardship because hardship builds hard people, and hard people live out their days in an entirely different way than soft people do, because their bodies are constantly receiving the signal that they need to continue on this planet.



I’m beginning a big book about wiring that I got. I am making it a personal goal that now in my 27th year of life I will at least learn plumbing and wiring in addition to doing well in my medical studies.

Isn’t it odd that we ALL use running water and electricity, ALL day EVERY day, every single individual in society, and almost nobody has the foggiest clue how any of it works? Nobody knows how it works or where any of it comes from, they just take it for granted.

I intend to get it sorted out. I want to know this stuff like the back of my hand, both for my own utility and for the pride of knowing that I’m different and that I actually DO know how the world works.

First things first is wiring, then it’s plumbing and we’ll go from there. There’s several more items of practical knowledge I want to learn in my 27th year.

One prominent item here is that I want to learn to make both lethal and nonlethal animal traps.

I remember one time some blue eyed fair skinned one drop Indian was bragging about how Her People were horticulturists and how they would just go walking around and pick food. I called her bluff and she said she’d take me on a nature hike to teach me how they’d forage. After walking around all afternoon and burning 500 calories, she ended up with some dandelion leaves, some kind of edible flower and like 5 grains of wild oat. Right as she was showing me her day’s “harvest” I saw a rabbit sitting under a bush and I said “why would we spend all day hiking to get half a bowl of oatmeal when we could just kill that thing and be well fed for the afternoon?”

What bothered me was that I had no idea how I’d have caught the rabbit, thus the desire to learn to make traps and to use slings.

I always want to know more about how to make the world work, both for my own curiosity and for my potential employment. What if medical school falls through for some totally unforeseeable reason? If I know this stuff I might be able to get a job.

Even more, knowing how the world works and how to act within it is liberation. In this world most people don’t know how to do anything, and so they are not actors but passive creatures to be acted upon. Their primary mode of living is to beg others to act favorably upon them, either with emotional blackmail or with offers of currency. If you know how to actually do stuff, you are an independent actor and an agent unto yourself. You are able to decide what to do based on your own sensibilities, which is a rare luxury in this world now.